Coastalvision - Heavily-Saturated Tropicalia - Ardneks

Jordan, jordan Édition


Coastalvision: Heavily-Saturated Tropicalia / an art book collection of work by the Indonesian artist Ardneks (Kendra Ahimsa) / 360 pages, 7.1 x 10 inches, softcover with open binding / ISBN 9781735452128 / published by Jordan, jordan Édition in Jakarta


A monograph featuring the artistic journey of the outsider artist, Kendra Ahimsa aka Ardneks from as far back as 2011 to today. The more-than-a-decade-long journey is presented through a series of interviews between Ardneks and radio announcers from around the globe, blending reality, fantasy, and candid nostalgia; just like Ardneks’ works of art.

Ardneks’ body of work is known for its importance in arousing enthusiasm for local concert poster artworks in 2008 – which has attracted the attention of internationally acclaimed bands. Recently, Ardneks has worked with Lollapalooza, Toro y Moi, Japanese Breakfast, Khruangbin, New York Times, LA Times, Desert Daze, NANG Magazine, and more.

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