Collaboration - Ben Sanair and 11 artists from Japan

La Generale Minerale


"Collaboration" by Ben Sanair and 11 artists from Japan / a 17-page silkscreened book, 40 layers of color, "handmade from A to Z" / about 12 x 9 inches / published by La Generale Minerale.

Ben Sanair writes: "During my travels to Japan last year I had the chance to draw/meet with local artists (in order of meeting): Akira Euda Aka Buffalomackee / Izumi Okaya / Sayaka Ishiyama / Katsuo Kawai / Mimiyo Tomozawa / Kotao / Misa Sugata / Tai Ogawa / Takayuki Futakuchi / Kosuke Kawamura (who did the cover) / and Yoshi Yobai (photographer). All these collaborations are documented in this book. For more interaction the book comes with augmented reality, when you log into a website you can watch videos from the meeting.

From an eye-popping shipment of goods from La Generale Minerale in France.

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