Crystal Bone Drive - Tetsunori Tawaraya

Hollow Press


Crystal Bone Drive by Tetsunori Tawaraya / A 32-page book from Hollow Press (Italy), 7 x 9 inches, printed in silver ink on black paper


“Crystal Bone Xchange is where people trade their body parts to money. Shady and sketchy neighborhood. World with pollution air, survival, and contaminated land is full of mutants. Illegal pulmonary drug LSREE is the only solution or we seek for unknown hero.”

TETSUNORI TAWARAYA is originally from Miyagi, resides in Tokyo, Japan. He started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego, CA in 1999. Prolifically created sci-fi/experimental comic books, and sold them at the gigs, besides performing in a Tokyo based noise rock duo 2up, and a San Diego based punk band Dmonstrations. His original perspective has been acclaimed, such as his sci-fi comic character featured on an American rock band Thee Oh Sees album cover. Many vibrant artbooks have been published by Hollow Press, Le Dernier Cri, and Colour Code using the techniques of silkscreen and risograph. Braindead, Volcom, NTS Radio respectively collaborated, and his works have been active in multiple platforms.

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