Cult of the Ibis - Daria Tessler

Floating World Comics


Cult of the Ibis by Daria Tessler / ISBN 9781942801207 / 216-page paperback published by Floating World (reprinting the Fantagraphics edition from 2019 which quickly went out-of-print)


"A tour de force in black and white. Nearly every picture balances a sense of wonder and menace ― stopping you in your tracks even as the plot races ahead."―New York Times

This almost silent comic tells the story of an amateur alchemist and getaway driver for a bank heist. When the holdup goes wrong he finds himself with a bag full of hot cash, orders a build-your-own homunculus kit, and goes on the run. Tessler’s dense and detailed drawings pull the reader into a nightmare world inspired by film noir.

Daria Tessler is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Portland, OR.

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