Curses - George Wylesol

Avery Hill


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Curses by George Wylesol / ISBN 9781910395752 / a 272-page paperback, 6.25 x 9.25 inches, full color, published in 2023 by Avery Hill


“Sometimes I think I see things. Out of the corner of my eye, behind a door, I catch a glimpse of something. It’s like a curtain caught in the wind, and then it’s gone.”

From hospitals to hell to the wilderness, George Wylesol’s short stories take place in liminal spaces where nothing is as it seems; the surreal becomes real; and something is lying in wait around every corner. As our main characters navigate through corridors, passageways, and highways, they sink deeper and deeper into everyday strangeness that slips into peculiarity, creating an internal journey from normalcy to the supernatural.

With surprising twists and turns, cleverly combining the strange and realism, smart, surprising, and sometimes terrifying – these stories make it clear that George Wylesol is like no one else in short comics-format fiction.

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