Daniel Spoerri - in the Natural History Museum


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Daniel Spoerri - in the Natural History Museum - an incompetent dialogue? / Bilingual German and English text / ISBN 9783866787285 / 192-page hardcover from Kerber (Germany) / discounted copies but like new


At the invitation of the Vienna Museum of Natural History, Daniel Spoerri will be embarking on an unconventional dialogue with objects in the museum's collections. He juxtaposes his works of art with the collections, having been inspired to some of his assemblages by his tours of the museum. The dialogue is 'incompetent' insofar as Spoerri dispenses with a scientific approach in favor of an at-times ambivalent humor.

This publication allows us to look at Spoerri's works in a brand-new light by revealing in a thoroughly unusual manner the artist's enthusiasm for museums of natural history, natural-history collections, and the high art of collecting.

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