Delivery Artefacts - Jude Golby and Another

Broodcomb Press


Delivery Artefacts by Jude Golby and Another / ISBN 9781739733933 / 217-page paperback with flaps, published in 2022 by Broodcomb Press (copyrighted 2014)

From my first batch of books from Broodcomb Press, a UK publisher specializing in weird fiction and beyond: "Encompassing poetry, strange tales and experimental fiction, Broodcomb Press is a home for the writing that belongs here: disquieting truths about the region ("the peninsula") – tales both eerie and shocking – together with exploring the fantastic/everyday meaning of what it means to be human."


“I thought of the first image I’d had when told of chain-fluid, a transparent metal snake coiled so tight there was no air in the jar. I couldn’t rid myself of the sense the twist-jar was filled with clear snake, and somewhere within, equally transparent and therefore invisible, were metal snake eyes watching, and the conviction I’d had as a child – that snakes had eight eyes like a spider, spread in the same pattern – returned and cooled me to zero all over…”

Delivery Artefacts is a report from the recent past of the peninsula, where scholar Jude Golby finds that his memories of a departed friend are urgently sought by a facility sited deep in the hills between Ockmarsh and Petersdock. The report that unfolds is an unsettling addition to the Broodcomb Press family for, as the nature of the artefacts becomes clear, a world of disquiet is revealed—

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