Digital Species - Helene Jeudy

Editions FP&CF


Digital Species by Hélène Jeudy / a 36-page spiral bound zine, 9.5 x 13.2 inches, 4-color risograph printed and bound by hand using transparent films, and with a separate zine bound into it. An over-the-top production from Editions FP&CF in France, limited to 200 copies.


Design by Arnaud Aubry

Extract from a text by Maxime Geugneau published in Kiblind magazine:

“In the distance, the horizon becomes blurry. Reality must then grapple with these vague limits, and our imagination take over. What is behind this fog, these mirages? Hélène Jeudy is starting up, because she has nothing to do with the poor standards of our daily lives.

"The world, as perceived by the designer from Lille and co-founder of the studio Geriko, is a modular entity that is only worthy of its distortion. She draws from it energy, a spirit, evocations and reconstructs another to her measure through her drawings."

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