Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 - A History and Guide

Public Bath Press


Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 - A History and Guide by Kato David Hopkins / ISBN 9784990863609 / a 298-page paperback, 5.88 x 8.25 inches, published by Public Bath Press (from Japan, though their books are in English)


Dokkiri! tells the history of a remarkable complex of musical subcultures that developed in Japan from the mid-1970s. Starting with a discussion of the earliest rumblings of punk and new wave, all types of independently produced music are covered in more detail than has ever appeared in English before. Punk, art music, noise, hardcore, psychedelic, dance music and more.

"This book fills in the gaps in my own appreciation of the Japanese independent music scene and provides context for sounds, lyrics and personalities that were all opaque mysteries until now." --Steve Albini

"Knowledge, affection and respect for the music illuminate an incredible creative and innovative scene. The what. The why. The how."--Ian MacKaye

"Hopkins is that rare scene historian who was there at the beginning: and he's still there, recounting the details and telling the stories that no one else can remember. Maniacs and beginners alike, start here!"--David Novak, author of Japanoise

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