Dream of the Bat - Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck

Mansion Press


Dream of the Bat by Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck / 144-page hardback with slipcover, 8.5 x 11.2 inches / published by Mansion Press in France (text in English)


What do we find in this Dream of the Bat? Four totally creepy, hilarious and transcendent stories which work together to create a complete graphic novel that was 16 years in the making! In this demolition of the superheroic myth, Josh Simmons paints the portrait of a hero alienated by his own convictions and ready to use extreme and deviant means to change a society he considers perverted. If he was an example, or even a source of hope for the weak, he is now only a shadow of what he once represented and has abandoned all reason and nobility to sink into a devouring madness and depression...A perverse character who has abandoned all morality, is the Bat still on the side of good?

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