Dream of the Bat - Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck

Mansion Press


Dream of the Bat by Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck / 144-page hardback with slipcover, 8.5 x 11.2 inches / published by Mansion Press in France (text in English)

[Out of print but as of April 2024 there is a paperback edition]


What do we find in this Dream of the Bat? Four totally creepy, hilarious and transcendent stories which work together to create a complete graphic novel that was 16 years in the making! In this demolition of the superheroic myth, Josh Simmons paints the portrait of a hero alienated by his own convictions and ready to use extreme and deviant means to change a society he considers perverted. If he was an example, or even a source of hope for the weak, he is now only a shadow of what he once represented and has abandoned all reason and nobility to sink into a devouring madness and depression...A perverse character who has abandoned all morality, is the Bat still on the side of good?

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