Emperors of Dreams - Mike Jay

Dedalus Books

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Emperors of Dreams: Drugs in the Nineteenth Century, revised edition / ISBN 9781907650185 / 256-page paperback from Dedalus Books (UK)


Emperors of Dreams tells the story of how today’s illicit drugs were originally discovered, and reveals their impact on the nineteenth century’s dreams and nightmares.

"A fascinating, highly informed study of recreational drugs in the 19th century"--The Independent

"Intelligent, witty, cogent and a bit pissed off, Emperors of Dreams is one of the best books on drugs I have come across, and should be mandatory reading for anyone concerned with drug legislation."--New Statesman

"An excellent book… it states with precision as well as poetry the nature of the drug experience."--Guardian

"An intelligent and urbane book…Jay neatly shows that drugs did not have the histories we, from our present-day perspective, might expect."--Roy Porter, Times Higher Educational Supplement

"Enjoyable and provocative…essential reading for anyone interested in the history of recreational drugs"--Pharmaceutical Journal

"Absorbing…anyone seeking to pass an opinion on drugs should own a copy.” --Independent on Sunday

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