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Fiddler's Green 8 - Idyl Hearts / first time stocking this "Peculiar Parish Magazine" -- nicely-made object and highly recommended for fans of "Weird Walk" in particular


“A really lovely magazine that has a fabulous olde-worlde feel to it; a real breath of fresh air in our internet age. Highly recommended!” --Philip Carr-Gomm, co-author of The Book of English Magic

“One of the most purposeful, beautifully produced print journals in circulation today.” --Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation

Our eighth issue, also known as “Idyl Hearts,” published November 2021.

Fiddler’s Green 8 features copper titling, a cover drawn by Sigurd Persson, and 56 pages of art and magic, including reviews, a letters column, and the following:

Cover Notes, The Maiden and the Unicorn

A Fine and Private Archaeology, Editorial by Clint Marsh

Sitting Out: The Consciousness-Shifting Magic of the Hedge Rider, by Levannah Morgan, illustrated by Alice Cao

The Scarecrow: Harbinger of a Better World, by Neil Martinson, illustrated by Moritz Krebs

The Call of the Wild: The Literary Werewolf and Its Quicksilver Allure, by Laren Stover, illustrated by Bill Crisafi

Henbane Seeds Five in the Snath of a Scythe: Plants as Magical Allies and Witches’ Familiars in the Pyrenees, by Júlia Carreras Tort, illustrated by Johnny Decker Miller

The Magus and the Jabberwock: Observations on Morality, Order vs Chaos, and Other Nonsense, by Clint Marsh

Remembering Alan Pryor, by Clint Marsh

The Magic Quest: A Villanelle, by Josh Maybrook, illustrated by Aidan Yetman-Michaelson

BONUS FLEXI-DISC - Hazel Wood, by Moth Rah

“Rich with magic, wisdom, and joy.” -- Ramsey Dukes, author of S.S.O.T.B.M.E.

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