From Morning to Night (discounted) - Flavia Ruotolo

Princeton Architectural Press

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From Morning to Night by Flavia Ruotolo / ISBN 9781616896157 / 36-page hardcover, 6 x 8.25 inches, published by Princeton Architectural Press / discounted copies but close to like new


Things are rarely as they first seem, particularly when seen from a different angle, or in a different context. From Morning to Night asks children to look at familiar and simple shapes and notice how they change, one minute a mushroom, the next a cereal bowl, a planet becomes an orange,, a traffic cone, turned on its side, a wind sock. The result is an unusually handsome and clever book that reminds children and parents to look at things carefully and never to judge something (or someone) by its first appearance—wait a moment, look harder, or turn your head and it might be something completely different and unexpected.

"Ruotolo has created a crisp and attractive picture book project. Creative thinking and originality are skills that need to be fostered in this four to seven age range and this book certainly does that. It could also be a contender for visual stimulation and language development in even younger kids."- New York Journal of Books

"This French import uses simple techniques to encourage children to recognize familiar shapes in unusual places. Each spread consists of a pair of illustrations, the first one a common object, the second one the same elements reoriented to represent a different object. The color palette of warm orange and blue is skillfully used to enhance the differences between the two images. A concept book with a mind-expanding perspective." - Kirkus Reviews

"Books by this trustworthy publisher are second to none, and this slim hardcover is no exception. Its two-color printing on heavy paper pleases visually and texturally. The book is a simple little treasure. If you're in the market for an instructive picture book for the very young, then snap this one right up." - Arts Activities magazine

About the Author: Flavia Ruotolo is a designer based in Genoa, Italy. In her studio Le Macchinine, she creates objects and images for children.

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