Graphic Design Manual - Principles and Practice - Armin Hofmann

Niggli Verlag


Graphic Design Manual - Principles and Practice / ISBN 9783721210064 / 200-page hardback, 8.3 x 9.75 inches, from Niggli Verlag (multi-lingual edition) 


Armin Hofmann’s richly varied work is recognized for its reliance on the fundamental elements of graphic form – point, line, and form. The book was originally a fundamentally new attempt to provide a methodical approach to challenges of graphic design.

Elements of image and form are analyzed and examined with regard to their inherent laws. The thoroughly revised edition of the 1965 design manual classic includes new sections that adapt his thoughts to contemporary technological uses. Especially in times of the return to clear and minimalistic geometric forms and patterns, his rich body of work serves as a perfect starting point for contemporary design practices.

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