Hieroglyphical Key - Nicholas Flamel

Ouroboros Press


Hieroglyphical Key, An explication of Alchemical Figures by Nicholas Flamel, book design by William J Kiesel / Sewn hard-cover in letterpress dust jacket, 120 pages, woodcuts (small 8vo ) 4.25 x 7 inches


Emblem book of Alchemical Art / Two Additional Texts Included / Quality bookmaking for beauty and longevity

An Alchemical Emblem Book by the Famous French Alchemist who discovered the Philosopher’s Stone

Emblem books were the height of book arts produced during the Renaissance by Hermetic Philosophers. The Hieroglyphical Key describes a rare alchemical book by Abraham the Jew wherein the Great Secret was revealed to Flamel and his wife Pernelle. Using symbolic emblems as a means of explanation, Flamel unveils the details of the Great Work.

Nicholas Flamel’s Hieroglyphical Key is offered with two additional texts; Summary of Philosophy and Testament. The quality of the emblematic engravings in the Ouroboros Press edition are exquisite and are reproduced in crisp offset printing.

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