LAY-OUT no. 1 - How to Solve Your People Problems

Eric Copeland


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LAY—OUT no. 1: Eric Copeland, How To Solve Your People Problems / 40 Pages, 5 x 8 inches, 3 color silkscreened cover / First edition 2021

LAY-OUT is a project of Rob Carmichael of SEEN Studio


Eric Copeland is an artist and musician known for both his solo records and as a member of the legendary Black Dice. His LAY—OUT contribution — possibly titled How To Solve Your People Problems — is a dizzying letter-by-letter hand cut reimagining of what was originally a business self-help book from the 1980s. His dadaist collages turn bland advice to upwardly-mobile professions into a melange of potty humor, takedowns of the present socio-political landscape and laser shots of hallucinatory language sent directly into the reader's frontal lobe. This is a down payment on a years-long collage text project called Demon Portraits that we are anxiously awaiting.

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