I'll Be Your Mirror - The Collected Lyrics - Lou Reed


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I'll Be Your Mirror: The Collected Lyrics of Lou Reed / ISBN 9780306923340 / 677-page hardcover from Hachette / discounted copies because of scuffs to the shiny black cover


I'll Be Your Mirror is an updated, comprehensive volume of Lou Reed's lyrics, featuring a brand-new introduction by Nils Lofgren and a new chapter of lyrics of songs he and Reed cowrote, as well as introductions from several other well-known collaborators.

Through his many incarnations--from protopunk to glam rocker to elder statesman of the avant-garde--Lou Reed's work has maintained an undeniable vividness and raw beauty, fueled by precise character studies and rendered with an admirable shot of moral ambiguity. Beginning with his formative days in the Velvet Underground and continuing through his remarkable solo albums like Transformer, Berlin, and New York, I'll Be Your Mirror is crucial to an appreciation of Lou Reed, not only as a consummate underground musician, but as one of the truly significant visionary lyricists of the rock 'n' roll era.

Containing a body of work that spans more than six decades, this is a monument to the literary qualities of an American original-and a must-have for music lovers everywhere.

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