In the Darkness of the Night (discounted) - Bruno Munari

Princeton Architectural Press


In the Darkness of the Night by Bruno Munari / ISBN 9781616896300 / 60-page hardcover, 6.75 x 9.5 inches, from Princeton Architectural Press / Discounted copies but like new


First published in Italy in 1956, Bruno Munari's In the Darkness of the Night tells the tale of an interconnected, intimate yet expansive journey across three settings—in the darkness, through a meadow, and into a mysterious cave—through a spellbinding combination of paper stocks, transparencies, cutouts, and simple but lively characters. This timeless artist's book, available in a new English edition, is a must-have for Munari fans, designers, bibliophiles, and lovers of exceptional book design.

"Originally published in Italy in 1956 under the title Nella notte buia, this little masterpiece uses a full arsenal of book arts techniques to convey space and time. Rather than relying exclusively on text, author Bruno Munari relies instead on symphony of words and images to convey the story. Thick paper cutouts give way to fragile transparent sheets, making for a wholly unexpected and holistic reading experience. Perfect for collectors and paper engineers alike." - Literary Features Syndicate

"...A transporting artist's book by the great Bruno Munari. The tome was first published in 1956 and is coming out again in a new facsimile edition from Princeton Architectural Press, which took care to reproduce the book with all its quirks: holes in certain pages, translucent sheets between, little flaps that open and close." - ARTnews

Bruno Munari (1907–1998) was an Italian artist and designer who contributed in many fields of both visual (paint, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non-visual arts (literature, poetry).

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