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Japanese Yokai and Other Supernatural Beings: Authentic Paintings and Prints of 100 Ghosts, Demons, Monsters and Magicians / ISBN 9784805317150 / 240-page hardback with jacket, 8 x 10 inches, published by Tuttle


Superb Yokai images from the world's leading museums and private collections

Japan's vast pantheon of supernatural creatures includes demons (yokai), monsters, ogres (oni), ghosts (yurei) and magicians—mythical beings from folklore and popular culture which continue to thrill readers of traditional stories and manga today.

This richly illustrated book by Andreas Marks, the leading authority on Japanese woodblock prints, presents authentic illustrations and descriptions of 100 different creatures, including:

Bakeneko: Monster cats in human form who lick lamp oil and prey on humans born in the year of the Rat

Han'nya: Female demons with sharp and pointed horns, metallic eyes and a smirking smile

Hihi: Large ape-like monsters who live in the mountains and have superhuman strength, enabling them to kidnap and kill humans

Mikoshi-nyudo: Yokai with an enormously extended necks who appear only at night

The striking visual examples in this book are drawn from the rich canon of early Japanese prints, books, and paintings—sourced from leading museums, libraries and private collections worldwide. They show the "original" forms and appearances of the creatures which form the basis for all subsequent depictions.

Also included are two long handscrolls from the Minneapolis Institute of Art (A Collection of Monsters and Night Parade of One Hundred Demons) which are reproduced here for the very first time.

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