Jaywalk issue 2 - edited by Floyd Tangeman

Domino Books


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Jaywalk - issue 2, edited by Floyd Tangeman and published by Domino Books / each issue is 56 pages, color covers with b/w interiors


Jaywalk #2: "JAYWALK, a QUARTERLY anthology from DOMINO, forges ahead! Edited by Tinfoil founder Floyd Tangeman (w/ shadow edits from Domino), each ish features 6 artists doing 8 page stories. Issue #2 has an amazing cover by Maybe Later and comics by Theresa Panyawai, goodboyevil, Max Burlingame, Jesse McManus, Sam Seigel and Ashton Carless, with hand drawn ads by Virgil and Wyatt Warren. The goal of Jaywalk, as I see it: an ongoing forum for artists who work against the grain to publish REGULARLY. For a generation of experimental cartoonists, there's a lack of publications to work in print/public on a consistent basis, which pushes creative work into a vacuum. We hope, with this publication, to provide an alternative. This series will hopefully be a strong articulation of everything Domino is currently trying to do, and we're excited for you to read it."

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