Jenny's Moonlight Adventure - Esther Averill

New York Review Children's Collection


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Jenny's Moonlight Adventure, written and illustrated by Esther Averill / ISBN 9781590171608 / 32-page hardback, 5.2 x 7.7 inches, published by The New York Review Children’s Collection


At nine o'clock The Cat Club will convene to celebrate this wondrous Halloween night in Jenny's Moonlight Adventure. All the cats, from twins Romulus and Remus through to the wise Solomon, have been looking forward to this evening. The high point of the party is to be the nose flute performance by the Persian cat Madame Butterfly, but she has hurt herself, cannot leave her house, and has lost her instrument. The flute is found in a pile of autumn leaves but there's still the problem of how to return the flute to its beautiful Persian owner. Jenny comes up with a very adventurous plan. After all, Halloween is "her" night. But will she pull it off?

"Esther Averill’s collection of Jenny Linsky books deserves special mention.... Told in clear, simple language that will appeal to younger children, all of these stories are delightful and festooned with simple illustrations every few pages that enhance, but never dominate, the melodious text."—The San Francisco Chronicle

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