LAY-OUT no. 13 - Noh Yung Hoon

SEEN Studio


LAY-OUT no. 13 - Noh Yung Hoon / 40 pages, 5 x 8 inches, digital offset printing, 1 color silkscreened cover, with additional poster / First edition 2024

LAY-OUT is a project of Rob Carmichael of SEEN Studio


Noh Yung Hoon is a Korean American artist and illustrator currently based in the Bay Area. His intricate drawing work is rendered in extraordinarily detailed high contrast drawings, all done by hand. Alternately focused on more straightforward composition and hyper-detailed optical patterns, Noh's work feels like a universe unto itself; the cosmic ziggurats, personal computers, floating doors leading to unknown dimensions along with undulating background textures and fill patterns combine into a wholly unique set of images. The viewer's perception is inherently altered when taking in one of these compositions -- the mass of black and white recedes into moments of clarity as moments of recognition bubble up from the chaos; bits of arcane symbols, alien faces, eyeballs, buildings and so much more seep into one's consciousness. These drawings distort our perceptions in a very psychedelic way, feeling like crisply rendered DMT visions or the luminous patterns and vortices that arise when one closes and rubs their eyes long enough.

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