LAY-OUT no. 7 - HLLBNT / 48 pages, 5 x 8 inches, 3 color risograph printing, 2 color silkscreened cover / First edition 2023

LAY-OUT is a project of Rob Carmichael of SEEN Studio


HLLBNT is the visionary & contrarian visual alter-ego of Simon Bent, the head of io Design Company. The HLLBNT visual universe feels like a fever-dream suture of Lichentstein, Peter Max, Jenny Hozer and Thomas Bayrle. Thick lined illustrations radiate like an acid-drenched/plasticine take on Eadweard Muybridge's time-lapse experiments. Sarcastic inversions of corporate platitudes are set in humongous Frankfurter type are clouded by a barrage of bubbles. Visionscapes out of a late-70s 7-up ad are peppered with dystopian takes on ineffectual governmental propaganda. Oversized halftones abound. And the net effect is alternately hilarious and thought provoking, with tracers of eye candy ebbing and flowing as the book progresses.

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