Little Yellow Riding Hood - Bruno Munari

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Little Yellow Riding Hood by Bruno Munari / ISBN 9788875701062 / English-language edition published by Corraini Editions in Italy / 16-page stapled softcover, 8.66 x 8.66 inches

I'm trying to keep in stock a variety of picture books (or picture-book-like objects) by Bruno Munari, though they are often between printings.


Everybody knows who Little Red Riding Hood is, but perhaps no one knows the story of Little Green Riding Hood, Little Yellow Riding Hood and Little White Riding Hood, sent by their mother to take their grandmother a basket full of green, yellow, white provisions. The black wolf is waiting for them in the wood, in the traffic jam, in the snow... will it manage to capture them?

Bruno Munari played with traditional fairy tales and widened its horizons, creating new characters and stories. Munari's Little Riding Hoods come back now as singular books, according to the original project.

Bruno Munari (1907–1998) was an Italian artist and designer who contributed in many fields of both visual (paint, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non-visual arts (literature, poetry).

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