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Lure by Lane Milburn / ISBN 9781683964780 / 192-page hardcover, about 8.25 x 10.25 inches, from Fantagraphics


In this SF graphic novel, a group of idealistic young artists from Earth are commissioned to collaborate on a corporate art project for a planet that has been colonized for luxury living.

The world's elite use the ocean planet of Lure as a luxury vacation hub for a decade. But when climate change threatens Earth's long-term habitability, many of those who can afford it move to Lure for good. When the opportunity to work there for a year is offered to visual artist Jo Sparta, as part of a group of artists collaborating on a large-scale installation of public art, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. But then, Jo stumbles across a nefarious plot by her corporate benefactors and feels compelled to go public. Lure showcases Milburn's rich visual imagination, with the planet Lure itself an ever-seductive, otherworldly paradise against which he spotlights themes of climate change, the disparity of wealth, and the value of art ― all in the service of a grippingly moral thriller. Full color.

"This is 200 percent a story I want to read. And to look at! Lane's drawing and coloring are so fantastic!"--Anna Haifisch (The Artist)

Lane Milburn is a cartoonist based in Chicago, IL. His campy, trippy, sci-fi adventure, Twelve Gems, was published by Fantagraphics in 2014. He has self-published many other works (including one funded by a Xeric Grant) and has contributed weekly comics to

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