Man Is the Animal - A Coil Zine - Issue 3

Temporal Boundary Press


Man Is the Animal - A Coil Zine - Issue 3, published by Temporal Boundary Press in the UK / 72-page paperback, 5.82 x 8.26 inches.


Issue 3 of the ongoing zine dedicated to researching the importance of Coil.


Singularities of Art and Nature by John Coulthart

“There’s a Man Laying Down in a Grave Somewhere” Poem for Jhonn Balance by Joseph Breitman

"Shadows only exist when the spotlight is on" An Interview with Mead McLean

“In Perpetual Motion”: The Coil Manifesto as Theory in Practice by Nick Soulsby

Coil’s Fano Concert by Kiefer Gorena

Peter Christopherson Is Alive And Well And Living In Parentheses! by Nick Hudson

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