Michael Snow - Photo-Centric

Yale Press


Michael Snow: Photo-Centric, edited by Adelina Vlas / ISBN 9780300196412 / 60-page paperback with flaps, 8 x 10 inches, from Yale University Press / discounted but as new copies


Canadian filmmaker and artist Michael Snow (b. 1928) is known as a pioneer of conceptualist and multimedia practice. His seminal film Wavelength (1967), described as a “45-minute zoom,” investigates the relationship between time and space, a subject the artist has explored throughout his career in a variety of mediums. Although considered one of the most important experimental filmmakers of his generation, Snow is less known in the United States for his visual art, including photography.

Michael Snow: Photo-Centric focuses on a selection of the artist’s photographic work from 1962 to the present. The book considers Snow’s interest in late modernism’s self-reflexivity and, specifically, his exploration of how the mechanics of photography affect perception, cognition, and consciousness. Essays by Adelina Vlas and the artist himself consider the importance of Snow’s photographic work within his larger practice, its connection with and continuation of modernist ideas, and its experimental quality within the history of the medium.

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