Moiremotion - Takahiro Kurashima

Lars Muller Publishers


Moirémotion by Takahiro Kurashima / 96-pages, 6.75 x 9 inches / ISBN 9783037786574 / see a video promo


Takahiro Kurashima’s latest book delights the eye with ingenious visual play

Kurashima’s interactive book objects feature graphic patterns that are animated by the reader/viewer with a special foil contained within the book, so that figures and forms are created out of optical overlays, set in motion and then disappear again.

Here, an astonishing panorama of unseen moiré effects (i.e. interference patterns produced when an opaque ruled pattern with gaps is overlaid on another similar pattern) unfolds. Kurashima deploys the digital tools for his creations with tremendous virtuosity, while also evoking and alluding to the rich precedents of kinetic art. Moirémotion offers contemplative recreation for our eyes.

Takahiro Kurashima (born 1970) studied at the Musashino Art University and since 1993 has lived in Tokyo, where he works as an artist and designer. He collaborates with artists from various genres such as fashion, design and music. Kurashima’s series Poemotion 1–3 is known all over the world.

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