Mr Fox - Barbara Comyns

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Mr Fox by Barbara Comyns / ISBN 9781916254725 / 175-page paperback reprint from Turnpike Books (UK)


“Comyns’s world is weird and wonderful… (there’s) something uniquely original about her voice… A neglected genius.”—Lucy Scholes, Observer

“A little treasure . . . captures perfectly the atmosphere of wartime London.”—Manchester Evening News

“A minor classic . . . hunt down Mr Fox forthwith for its peerless evocation of an era.”—Daily Mail

Caroline and her young daughter have been abandoned, World War II has begun and Mr Fox offers them his help. Mr Fox is a spiv, a dealer in black-market food, but he can provide a roof over their heads, advice on bending the law and escaping creditors and a shared, if dubious, future.

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