Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary - Antoine-Joseph Pernety

Ouroboros Press


Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary by Dom Antoin-Josef Pernety, translated by Joseph Zabinski, book design by Joseph Uccello / 352-page hardback, 80+ illustrations, 7.5 x 10 inches / very light wear from inbound shipping, pictures on request


Classic reference work, hundreds of entries / Illustrated with emblems and engravings / Bibliographic details and footnotes / Cross-references and wayfinding typography / Quality bookmaking for beauty and longevity

Written 1758 the Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary defines the most obscure of terms, substances and concepts employed by the enigmatic authors of the alchemical texts. Its entries unlock the Hermetic mysteries veiled by the motifs, allegories and symbols of the classical myths as well as making clear what substances are implied by the terms expressed by the Language of the Birds.

In addition to the comprehensive entries, the Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary is a treasure-house of classical and alchemical imagery, containing over 80 illustrations in the text and featuring the symbols, signs and iconography of the art.

"Finally, thanks to Ouroboros Press and Joseph Zabinski’s insightful translation, Antoine-Joseph Pernety’s Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary is now available in English. Never-before translated into English, the Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary is a must have work for anyone researching alchemy, hermeticism, philosophy of science, mythology, lexicons, etc. As important and useful as this dictionary is in focused and direct research, it is also a book that rewards random perusal. In fact, because of its dense web of cross- references, an interesting 'Hermetic game' suggests itself -- pick a word and follow Ariadne’s thread through the lexicon’s maze. It truly is a Mytho-Hermetic education in and of itself. Maybe start with the deities Hecate and Mercury as your guides, or my favorite, the 'House of the Chicken of the Sages.'"- Brian Cotnoir

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