Mythology of the British Isles (discounted) - Geoffrey Ashe

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Mythology of the British Isles by Geoffrey Ashe / ISBN 9781804365199 / 356-page paperback published by Canelo History (2023 edition of a book from 1990) / discounted copies in excellent condition


An unforgettable and illuminating exploration of the legends of the British Isles.

Beginning with the giant Albion, after whom the country was once named, Geoffrey Ashe explores the myths whose roots lie in the different British regions. Taking in fairy-folk, druids and King Lear, and the tales of Merlin and King Arthur that continue to hold sway in the nation's imagination, he uncovers their sources and underlying ideas as well as their handling in tradition and literature.

From the misty centuries of British and Irish prehistory to the height of the dark age, comes tales of giants and fairy-folk, druids and saints. From King Lear and King Arthur, to Fingal, Beowulf, Gwendolen and Guinevere these are the legendary characters who shaped the nation. But who were they? In Mythology of the British Isles, Geoffrey Ashe explores these compelling and ancient stories, seeing how they have taken on fresh significance as historical and archaeological research has uncovered the truth behind each legend.

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