Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke (forthcoming January 2024)

Shigeru Sugiura


Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke by Shigeru Sugiura, translated by Ryan Holmberg / forthcoming in January 2024 from New York Review Comics / 250-page paperback / ISBN 9781681377858

I pre-ordered copies of this book for the shop so should have them upon publication.


In the early 1960s, the Japanese manga artist Shigeru Sugiura took the well-loved literary character Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke and made him his own. In this legendary gag manga, Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, Shigeru sends the famous Ninja on a wild, eye-popping adventure: Sarutobi encounters cowboys and aliens, spaceships and sailing ships, mid-60s celebrity cameos, mushroom clouds, detectives with squirt guns, and more in a delightful and ever-surprising world.

Available for the first time in English and with a new essay by Ryan Holmberg, Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke is a must-read of trippy visuals and silly storytelling.

Shigeru Sugiura (1908-2000) is widely regarded as one of the masters of Japanese comics.

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