Nymph - Leila Marzocchi


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Nymph by Leila Marzocchi, translated by Jaime Richards / ISBN 9781683963172 / 208-page hardcover, 9.2 x 11.8 inches, from Fantagraphics


In this fairy tale of a graphic novel, a mysterious, tiny being upsets the balance of the woods.

A lone, defenseless pupa has rained down from the sky. An assembly of talking birds and trees agree to protect "Dolly" as it begins to evolve ― but into what? As the humanoid creature starts showing a predilection for flight and music, magical clues start unveiling themselves. Italian award-winning cartoonist Leila Marzocchi's terrifically lush scratchboard drawings are a perfect companion to her witty dialogue and profound storytelling. Nymph gets to the heart of both human and Mother Nature to prove that, to raise a child-like larva, it takes a village. Or at least a forest. Full-color illustrations throughout.

LEILA MARZOCCHI is a critically acclaimed illustrator and comic artist, born in Bologna. She has published work in Reporter, Il Manifesto and L'Unita, and she co-founded the magazine Fuego.

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