Of Lichen and Moss - Erica Van Horn and Kate Van Houten

Coracle Press (Ireland)


Of Lichen and Moss features small text vignettes by Erica Van Horn and drawings by Kate Van Houten / ISBN 9780906630655 / a small 32-page hardback artist's book from Coracle Press in Ireland / 4.8 x 5.5 inches


A collaboration, despite its diminutive scale, that has been years in the making.

Erica Van Horn is an American artist (and writer, editor, printer, bookmaker, and publisher) long transplanted to Ireland where she runs Coracle Press with her husband Simon Cutts. Her outsider’s acumen is trained on the minutiae of daily life, collecting visual and textual details of what is often overlooked or seemingly insignificant.

Kate Van Houten is an artist based in Paris, though she is originally from the US. Fascinated by the form of natural materials, she makes us recognize its history as well as the graceful sensuality through her works. Her deep interest in nature and its materiality is reflected through various methods of her diverse artistic style.

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