One Hundred Objects in the Frick Art Reference Library



One Hundred Objects in the Frick Art Reference Library, edited by Stephen J. Bury / ISBN 9781910010280 / 240-page illustrated paperback with flaps from Uniformbooks (UK) and the Frick Art Reference Library


The Frick Art Reference Library, founded by Helen Clay Frick, has been part of the international infrastructure of art history since its inception. It has always been innovative—with its photographic field trips, periodical indexing, involvement in the founding of the international photo archive consortium, PHAROS, web archiving, and digital art history. The library is looking back at its work over the last hundred years through one hundred objects, not just from its extensive collections of books, auction catalogues, photographs and archives, but through its spaces, artworks and the traces of some of its actors: Helen Clay Frick herself obviously, but also her French agent Madame Brière, and librarians such as Pauline Wells or Doriece Colle.

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