Phantoms of the Dawn - Violet Tweedale

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Phantoms of the Dawn by Violet Tweedale / ISBN 9781739353285 / 241-page paperback published by Solar Press in the UK


'Such forces are immortal, immutable, and all else is but dust in the balance when we recognise those edicts for what they are—the outposts of Infinity.'

Why do people believe in ghosts?

With Phantoms of the Dawn, novelist and psychic Violet Tweedale attempts to answer just that question, while also weaving her own holistic view of life, death, and the allegedly supernatural.

Taking direct inspiration from spiritualism and theosophy, Violet Tweedale—a close friend of Helena Blavatsky—mixes storytelling, investigative journalism, and polemic to craft her own new and radical view of the universe and the inexplicable phenomena within it.

Fearlessly blasphemous, iconoclastic, and revisionist, Phantoms of the Dawn is a fascinating insight into postwar spirituality, and mainstream Christianity's inability to deal with the death and devastation of the first world war.

Featuring the book's original introduction by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, Solar Press are proud to present Phantoms of the Dawn, back in print for the first time since 1924.

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