Picturebook Makers

Sam McCullen (editor)


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Picturebook Makers, edited by Sam McCullen / ISBN 9781739979201 / 160-page hardback, 8 x 9.75 inches


Twelve of the world’s finest contemporary picturebook makers take us behind the scenes. Be inspired and discover the immense creative potential of this unique and dynamic art form.

What exists in the space between the words and the pictures? How do the stories unfold? What happens from the first sketch to the finished picturebook?

In this book, world-class picturebook makers generously share their experiences, challenges, doubts, sketches, illustrations, and invaluable insights into their creation process. They reveal the complex and time-consuming work that happens behind the scenes, in service of their stories and their readers.

An inspiring collection of picturebook knowledge for anyone interested in this dynamic art form. The editor of the book is Sam McCullen, who runs the Picturebook Makers blog and dPICTUS.

Featuring Jon Klassen, Kitty Crowther, Beatrice Alemagna, Shaun Tan, Eva Lindström, Blexbolex, Chris Haughton, Suzy Lee, Bernardo P. Carvalho, Isol, Manuel Marsol, and Johanna Schaible.

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