Power Through Witchcraft - Louise Huebner

Solar Press


Power Through Witchcraft by Louise Huebner / ISBN 9781739353247 / 138-page paperback published by Solar Press in the UK 


The 1960s cult-classic finally back in print!

Equal parts pop-philosophy, motivational work and introduction to witchcraft, Power Through Witchcraft is a psychedelic, postmodern grimoire.

Integrating elements of autobiography, agony-aunt magazine columns, and polemic, Louise Huebner's Power Through Witchcraft gives readers a complete handbook for mastering their reality.

Intelligent, witty, and confrontational in the extreme, Louise Huebner's radical philosophy of self-determination through witchcraft pulls no punches and leaves no sacred cow unharmed.

This new Solar Press edition includes an introduction by Louise Huebner's daughter, Jessica Huebner.

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