Roland - Nelly Stephane and Andre Francois

Enchanted Lion Books


Roland by Nelly Stephane, pictures by André François / ISBN 9781592702046 / 36-page hardcover reprint, 8.38 x 12 inches, from Enchanted Lion


A New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 1958

A book about a little boy with a huge imagination. The marvel and enchantment of this story is its revelation of the mind as it belongs only to the world of children. Existing without the prejudices of their parents and without the firm belief that the world must be a certain way, children live in a fluid zone between "reality" and imagination, where everything is possible.

André François was a French graphic designer and illustrator, who lived in New York City for a time and did many covers for The New Yorker. He also studied with Picasso and created many cartoons and picture books. Little Boy Brown (1949) was his first picture book to be published in the US.

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