Root Rot

Koyama Press


A gently-used out-of-print collection from 2011 / 72 pages / 9780978481094

A forest themed comics and art anthology co-edited by Michael DeForge and Annie Koyama. Book design by Diana McNally. Each artist is given two pages to show their best work. Cover art by Michael DeForge.

Contributors include Jon Vermilyea, Derek M. Ballard, Dan Zettwoch, T. Edward Bak, Robin Nishio, Ines Estrada, Lizz Hickey, Mickey Zacchili, Jesse Jacobs, Jason Fischer, Hellen Jo, Angie Wang, Greg Pizzoli, Joe Lambert, Bob Flynn and Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos.

"This is the indie comics anthology done right. It possesses all the wild artistic abandon of, for example, a Kus or a Nobrow collection whilst having the kind of authoritative restraint of the soon-to-be-dearly departed Mome. Unlike a lot of anthologies (the three aforementioned series very much excluded), Root Rot excels through having a consistent theme and format. The book’s evocative eponymous through-line and consistent two-pages-per-artist restriction gives it a strong identity and rhythm that creates a genuinely cohesive—and rewarding—reading experience." --Martin Steenton, Avoid The Future

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