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Science Fiction Illustration: The Near Future and Fantasy Worlds Creators' Showcase / ISBN 9784756255228 / 160-page paperback with jacket, 10 x 10.5 inches, illustrated in color throughout / text bilingual English/Japanese


Discover unknown worlds in this anthology of illustrations focusing on Science Fiction. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking and astounding futuristic images created by 32 creators.

This book is a large-format anthology that introduces 32 contemporary artists and their works depicting near-future and imaginary worlds with a variety of illustration styles and outstanding techniques.

Inside you will find a devastated apocalyptic world, a society with advanced science, humans and cities that are a fusion of machines and advanced technology, characters traveling through an infinite universe, novel gadgets with huge potential, and the future that we may have dreamt of during childhood. Enjoy these highlights from the world of science fiction illustration printed in full color and with a beautiful binding. Also, at the end of the book, there is a feature on the method of Atsuya Uki, a visual artist and illustrator who creates unique worlds with his vivid colors and bold compositions.

These dramatic and captivating visions invite us to explore unknown worlds and remind us of the discoveries of a future yet to be seen. From the Sukoshi Fushigi (A Little Weird) world hidden in the daily lives of children, to mysterious creatures and robotic mecha that stir up the imagination, you’ll come to appreciate various genres of Science Fiction worlds.

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