Screen Printing Manual (2023 Edition) - Otto



Screen Printing Manual, "written, created and printed in France at Salamandre by ottoGraphic."

This is a screen printing how-to which is actually itself screen-printed.


The artist explains:

"A screen printed screen printing manual. Updates and replaces the two previous manuals: Screen Printing Basics and Advanced Screen Printing. Detailed step-by-step description of the screen printing process. Bigger size, new text, updated images, centre pull-out poster. Numbered, open edition."

About Otto: Twenty years ago Otto began creating and publishing screen printed books. His first participation at an artists’ book fair was at the Barbican in 1996 where he showed his conceptual visual narrative ‘Helping you back to work’. Since then he has been presenting books at major artists’ book fairs around the world and has now published in excess of 80 titles. The most popular titles are the screen printing manuals and the cross-cut fold scifi booklets, which have sold in their thousands.

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