Seeing Loud - Basquiat and Music



Seeing Loud - Basquiat and Music / ISBN 9782072985942 / 288-page hardback, about 9.75 x 12 inches, published in 2022 by Gallimard (English edition)


Documents the first major multimedia exhibition devoted to the role of music in Jean-Michel Basquiat's work

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, New York City was financially and socially bankrupt, but the art and music scene was flourishing. During these years, the downtown New York music scene - no wave, hip-hop, disco funk and club culture - shaped Jean-Michel Basquiat as both a musician and an artist. This catalog for a traveling exhibition explores how Basquiat's painting has parallels in his music (sampling, cut-up, rapping), and takes a new look at his production as a writer and a poet in light of his connections with the then-emerging hip-hop culture. This beautifully illustrated exhibition catalog of rarely seen photographs and images sheds new light on Basquiat as a musician, exploring how his art and music are related, and how they reflect on his identity as a Black artist in the United States, the downtown New York music scene, and contemporary culture.

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