Sight - Glimmer, Glow, Spark, Flash! - Romana Romanyshyn

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Sight: Glimmer, Glow, Spark, Flash! by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv / ISBN 9781452179773 / another super bright hard cover from Chronicle Books


With compelling visual sophistication and infographics about all aspects of sight, this volume joins Sound: Shhh . Bang . Pop . Boom! as far more than just a groundbreaking introduction to our vivid, sensory world! At once an immediately accessible, science-intensive illumination of an endlessly fascinating subject as well as a sensitive exploration of how sight essentially impacts our everyday lives.

A striking visualization of a complex subject and a compelling, nimble and clarifying look of what otherwise might be only a jumble of abstract information

Romana Romanyshyn graduated from the Lviv National Art Academy. She works with Andriy Lesiv in their personal art studio Agrafka in Lviv, Ukraine.

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