Silence - Lectures and Writings - John Cage

Wesleyan University Press


Silence: Lectures and Writings, 50th Anniversary Edition by John Cage / ISBN 9780819571762 / 312-page hardcover


"One of the most entertaining and rewarding intellectual voyages that contemporary literature affords."―San Francisco Chronicle

"'I have nothing to say, and I am saying it.' The line, probably John Cage's most famous statement, appears three times over in his book Silence, which Wesleyan University Press has reissued in a smart fiftieth anniversary edition that also coincides with the centenary of the author's birth. A self-devouring paradox, Cage's modest avowal neatly draws attention to the impossibility of saying nothing, for once a frame of communication has been set up, be that frame a book or a musical score, a sheet of paper mounted in a gallery space or a performance scheduled in a concerthall (and Cage worked in all these media), emptiness will speak."―Paul Griffiths, Times Literary Supplement

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