Socialism and Modernity - Art, Culture, Politics: 1950-1974

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


Socialism and Modernity - Art, Culture, Politics: 1950-1974, edited by Ljiljana Kolešnik / ISBN 9789537615437 / 324-page paperback with flaps, 9 x 12 inches, illustrated / English-language edition published by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


Most relevant to 50 Watts: Dejan Kršic's article "Graphic Design and Visual Communications 1950-1975."

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, this book has been conceived as an extension of a perennial research project. [It] offers comprehensive theoretical explanations and systematic research overviews by five authors who gave their personal views on the post-war modernist culture. The edition also contains an extensive bibliography, photo documentation of the exhibition, and other supplementary materials. The authors share the presupposition that this period of Croatian past should not be analyzed from a local, limited point of view, or from the perspective of current political interests, because that kind of approach leads to falsifying history and undermining the value of Croatian own cultural heritage. The authorial team of the exhibition/book analyse the period of modernism in a broader context of Yugoslavian post-war artistic and cultural environment, providing thus the evidence of a dense network of interrelated events, and offering a platform for future discussions...

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