Sound - Shhh . . . Bang . . . POP . . . BOOM - Romana Romanyshyn

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Sound: Shhh . . . Bang . . . POP . . . BOOM by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv / ISBN 9781452179780 / Super bright hard cover from Chronicle Books 


An award-winning visual tour of the world of sound.

Intriguing, informative, and endlessly fascinating, a book that makes visible that which we otherwise only hear and feel as vibrations: SOUND.

Award-winning authors and artists Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv achieve a remarkable fusion of the scientific exploration of the phenomenon of sound with a philosophic reflection on its nature that will appeal to inquisitive children looking to learn more about science and nature. A stunning sequence of rich infographics provoke the reader to listen . . . learn . . . and think. Whether it's hearing noise, music, speech . . . or silence, no one will come away from these pages without experiencing sound with new ears and a fresh understanding.

Stunning visual sophistication and compelling infographics will appeal to adults as well as children.

A perfect book for educators to share with children interested in STEM topics

A fascinating overlooked topic that will help children explore complex ideas about science and the natural world

Translated into over 20 languages! Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award for best nonfiction book of the year.

Romana Romanyshyn graduated from the Lviv National Art Academy. She works with Andriy Lesiv in their personal art studio Agrafka in Lviv, Ukraine.

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