Stories and Texts for Nothing (discounted) - Samuel Beckett

Grove Press

$8.95 $16.00

Stories and Texts for Nothing by Samuel Beckett / ISBN 9780394172682 / 140-page paperback from Grove Press / discounted copies but in like new condition


This volume brings together three of Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett’s major short stories and thirteen shorter pieces of fiction that he calls “texts for nothing.” Here, as in all his work, Beckett relentlessly strips away all but the essential to arrive at a core of truth. His prose reveals the same mastery that marks his work from Waiting for Godot and Endgame to Molloy and Malone Dies. In each of the three stories, old men displaced or expelled from the modest corners where they have been living bestir themselves in search of new corners. Told, “You can’t stay here,” they somehow, doggedly, inevitably, go on.

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