Supposing. . . - Alastair Reid and JooHee Yoon

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Supposing. . . by Alastair Reid and JooHee Yoon / ISBN 9781592703760 / 56-page hardcover from Enchanted Lion, published 2022.


Follow unexpected possibilities on fanciful and humorous journeys, powered by the limitlessness of the imagination and the openness of the human spirit.

SUPPOSING I looked in the mirror one day and saw someone who wasn’t me at all...

SUPPOSING I sailed around the world and when I was a mile from my hometown, I just turned the boat and sailed round again the other way...


Supposing leads to pondering a chain of hypothetical events that play with the way that things are, daring to imagine a world beyond the laws of physics and unbeholden to societal conventions. Each sentence may start with the same word “SUPPOSING,” but it’s impossible to predict where the zany musings will lead!

Alastair Reid’s text, still as delightful and fresh as it was in 1960, is accompanied by new, dazzlingly vibrant illustrations from JooHee Yoon.

JooHee Yoon is an award-winning (Forbes 30 under 30, New York Times Best Illustrated 2015, Society of Illustrators NY Gold) illustrator and printmaker committed to the art of bookmaking. She enjoys combining illustration with design and using both traditional and industrial printing techniques. Rather than a single approach, she tries to match the tone of each project. She strives to create picture books that work on many levels and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Yoon has three other titles with Enchanted Lion Books: Beastly Verse, The Tiger Who Would Be King and Up Down Inside Out.

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