Synth History - Issue 1

Synth History


Synth History - Issue 1 / 120-page paperback zine, sold out at source


This first issue features a compilation of interviews with contemporary and legendary icons within the synth world.

Including interviews with Baths, Boy Harsher (cover photo), Chromeo, Dave Smith, Flying Lotus, Gary Numan, James Murphy, Kelly Lee Ownes, Oneohtrix Point Never, Pete Townshend, Rick Wakeman, Starchild & The New Romantic, Scarypoolparty, Soko, Suzanne Ciani, Vince Clarke.

About: "Synth History is a magazine, limited narrative podcast series, website and collection of playlists focused on synthesizers and the musicians that use them. The goal of the Synth History interviews is to archive the equipment pioneers and modern day legends are using, what inspires them, and to understand the history and influence of synthesizers all around us. Right now Synth History is solely run by me (Danz)! I'm a musician, producer, record label owner and synth nerd who enjoys researching random tidbits of information on synths."

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